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  I took a class with Safety LLC and my card was lost or damaged. Can I get a replacement card?

YES. We can issue a replacement card for a small processing fee of $10. Please call (505) 860-5727. When calling have the date of the course available.

  What are your policies on payment, refunds, rescheduling, etc?

Safety LLC accepts the following forms of payment: MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card, Check, Money Orders, and Cash.

Enrollment fee’s are to be paid PRIOR to the start of the class.

If for any reason an individual is requesting a refund, the following applies:

• A FULL REFUND will be given if 7 or more days notice is given.
• Within 4-6 days notice a $10 processing fee per student will be assessed.
• Absolutely NO REFUND will be given for less than 4 days notice or for those who do not show up for class.
• Cancellation must be done via email. Please email cpr.safety.llc@gmail.com

We understand that emergencies come up and illnesses happen. A one time class transfer can be made at no extra cost. Any additional class transfers will incur a $20 processing fee.

  What type of equipment do you use?

We currently have an arsenal of Prestan CPR manikins, Prestan baby CPR manikins as well as Laerdal Baby Anne. We also have the most popular AED trainers to teach with.

We maintain a very high standard with equipment maintenance and cleaning. Rest assured that you are using equipment that is properly cared for!

  How long are certification cards good for?

AHA CPR and First Aid cards are good for 2 years. However, your employer, licensure, or certification may require re-certification more frequently.

  What is the likelihood that an open enrollment class will be canceled? How do you notify us if class is canceled because of bad weather?

We make every attempt to ensure that this does not happen. Please feel confident that we will make every attempt to maintain class schedules, and that only during rare occasions we will have to cancel or reschedule the class.

If a class is cancelled Safety LLC will contact everyone on the roster with at least one hour notice, provided that proper contact information is received during registration. Safety LLC does not issue refunds, but will offer several different options for rescheduling.

  When do I receive my certification card?

Most certification cards are available the day that you take the course, although we guarantee your cards within 2 weeks of taking the class.

  What teaching style does your company use?

Safety LLC employs currently active Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Department staff. By doing so we are able to offer the most experience possible. Our instructors haveEMSknowledge which offers a great benefit to our students. We not only use the latest AHA video and teaching material but we understand the different learning styles and make every attempt to adapt our teaching to those learning styles. AHA videos are known for there practice as you watch style which also aids in learning.

  I am unsure what certification through the American Heart Association I need to take.

The three most common AHA certifications are listed below. We have included frequently used fields that use these certifications.

• BLS for Healthcare Professionals / Healthcare Provider:  Physicians, Nurses, Dentists, Respiratory Therapist, Dental Hygienists, Pharmacists, Emergency Medical Technicians, Professional Rescuer, Nursing Students, Dental Students, Respiratory Therapist Students, or anyone in the health-care industry required to have CPR training.

• Heartsaver CPR or Heartsaver CPR/AED:  All laypersons including Oilfield Workers, Daycare Providers, Massage Therapists, Lifeguards, Teachers, Office staff, Church staff, parents or grandparents, scout leaders, etc.

• Heartsaver CPR with First Aid:  Students in the above list who are also required or feel it is important to have basic First-Aid training.

Please note that all of our certifications above include adult and infant CPR training and basic AED instruction.

  I am a medical student (Nurse, EMT, Dental, etc). Will my school accept the CPR certification your classes provide?

When signing up please select a BLS for Healthcare course. This course is specifically designed for Healthcare workers. Please be assured that all healthcare educational programs in the area will accept our program to fulfill your basic CPR requirements. AHA BLS for healthcare is also accepted by our local hospitals.

Our instructors have over 30 years experience!
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